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RDnA Analytics™

We unlock your web data and give you
actionable insights that convert
visitors into customers

Easy To Use

Find data, generate reports and explore behavioral heat maps and session recordings easily. Our platform is headache free.

Actionable Insights

Unlock crucial data including time spent on blog posts, how users interact with forms, your checkout flow and more.

Behavioral Data

Watch as visitors interact with your web pages. Explore true behavioral data that empowers you to make data driven decisions.


Answers to our most asked RDnA Analytics™ questions

What is RDnA Analytics™?

RDnA Analytics™ is our custom analytics suite that captures user data throughout your entire website. From heat maps to form fill completions, our platform will unlock the data you need to make informed decisions for your business.

What about Google Analytics?

While an out of the box Google Analytics setup works for most needs, its not suited for businesses wanting an advantage in their industry. We provide heat maps, video recordings of visitors, unlimited goal and event tracking and the ability to customize everything to your needs.

We provide a full service experience too. That means you can be as involved as you like - or we can setup all of your tracking parameters for you. We aim to be a partner and promise a no headache experience.

Did we mention you own and can download, all of your data whenever you want? We don't sell it, use it, or share it with anyone else (unlike other services).

What is heat map data and how can i get it?

With RDnA Analytics™ you can unlock behavioral insights from your visitors. You'll be able to see where visitors click the most, how far visitors scroll and where they hover on your pages.

Can I watch what my visitors are doing?

You can! With our session recording tool, you'll be able to watch recordings of your visitors actions as if you were in the same room. Watch as their mouse moves across the screen and get a deeper understanding of your visitors.

Combined with our tools, the session recordings are one of the most powerful tools we can provide. You'll never need to guess what your visitors are doing again.

I run my site on {platform x}, will it work?

RDnA Analytics™ is platform agnostic and will work on any existing web host and CMS platform. Naturally RDnA Analytics™ performs best when combined with our ecosystem of services including our custom web platform, but if you love your current site and only want our analytics suite, we are happy to work with you and ensure you capture everything.

Real time data updates

View details about your visitors in real time as they interact with your website.

customizable dashboards

Unlimited custom dashboards built to show you specific data that you want to see.

analytics for anything

From eCommerce shopping journeys to B2B lead gen flow, you will be able to track anything and everything your visitors are doing.

goal conversion tracking

With unlimited goals at your finger tips, you can measure and make data driven decisions easily and effortlessly.

event tracking

Track key events including form submissions, downloads, clicks, and anything else you can imagine.

GDPR Compliant

The web landscape is changing and we are meeting those needs. RDnA Analytics™ is a GDPR compliant solution that meets your security and privacy needs.

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